90 Gamegenic Dixit / Mysterium Card Size Board Game Sleeves Clear 81 x 122mm

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Gamegenic Board Game Sleeves: Dixit / Mysterium (81 x 122mm) 90ct Pack

These board-game sleeves provide a premium protection and still keep a great shuffle feel. The extra clear polypropylene material displays all cards 100% translucent and clear. The reinforced thickness of 100 microns adds weight and strength to all cards and provides a premium appearance.

To fit games such as: Dixit, Mysterium, Legends of Andor, London, Inis, Escape Tales: The Awakening, Detective Club, Flash Point: Fire Rescue, Path of Light and Shadow, and many more.

  • Extra-high clarity, ensuring a genuine visual quality
  • Prevents bent corners, scratches and damages from shuffling
  • Reinforced thickness for stronger sleeves
  • Great shuffle-feel
  • FFG Sleeve Color Codes (Code: Sand)
  • Acid-free, no PVC
  • Actual sleeve size 81 x 122mm. For cards sized up to 79 x 102mm

Many more board game sleeves in stock. We aim to provide Australia’s widest range of sleeve sizes all in the one place. Plus we offer free combined shipping within Australia on our entire board game sleeve range.

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