(Minor Damage) Ultra PRO 4 Compartment Storage Box Holds 240 Trading Cards 81163

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These items have arrived slightly damaged upon arrival and are for sale at a reduced price.

The attached images are examples only of the typical damage you can expect, and will not necessarily be of the actual item you receive.

The average damage consists of one or two small (Approx 1″ or less) cracks on the underside corners of the lids. The overall structural integrity of the item is still intact and will function normally, it is primarily an aesthetic issue. Price is permanently reduced.

Ultra Pro Clear 4-Compartment Card Storage Box: Holds 240+ Cards

Features 2 removable compartment dividers. The central divider is not removable.

Approximate dimensions: 20.5cm (length) x 9.8cm (tall) x 7.5cm (deep)

  • Holds 150 cards horizontally or 240 cards vertically in Ultra PRO Deck Protector Sleeves 
  • Notched feet and covers for easy stacking
  • Great for game tokens, dice, markers, pieces and other gaming accessories
  • Crystal clear material lets you easily identify which box you are looking for

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