1 BCW 6 x 8″ Photograph Toploader + SLEEVE Loader Toploaders Pokemon Jumbo

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BCW Photograph Toploader + Sleeve

You’ll receive 1 loose toploader & sleeve per purchase.

The PVC used in these 6 x 8″ (152mm x 203mm) toploaders as well as other BCW toploaders contain no plasticizers or stearates. Our high quality PVC does not migrate and will not harm your cards, photos or prints, while offering maximum protection and visual appeal. Use this holder to protect, store and display your 6 x 8 photographs, prints, documents and cards.

These toploaders also fit Pokemon jumbo-sized cards (Jumbo sizes from the Sun & Moon era).

Note: Pokemon have recently updated their jumbo sizes around the 25th Anniversary release. The new jumbos are slightly smaller than previous jumbos, but will still fit in these holders with a little extra space on each side. Newer jumbo cards measure approx. 133mm x 187mm.

  • Holds postcards and photos
  • Open on the short side
  • Stores photos and documents up to 6 x 8″ (152mm x 203mm)

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