Board Game Group (HuMM BuGG)

The Card & Trinket loves supporting local artists, social groups and events which work to foster a positive and welcoming community spirit for collectors and gaming enthusiasts from all walks of life. So, we are proud to sponsor the Happy Murray Meeples Board Game Group (HuMM BuGG)! HuMM BuGG is an extremely active board gaming community based in the Albury / Wodonga region, with multiple events held every month at venues throughout the region.

In addition to these regular events, HuMM BuGG holds a large annual convention at the Albury Hovell Tree Inn every April. The event is a multi-day board gaming convention where everyone is welcome to bring along their board games and get some games in with likeminded individuals. The venue is open 24-hours a day during the convention and games of all styles and playtimes are welcome.

The event is held on the weekend before ANZAC Day each year, with tickets going on sale several months prior. More recent information can be found below by reading on!

What is HuMM BuGG?

Happy Murray Meeples Board Game Group (HuMM BuGG) is a flourishing social board gaming group created by the passionate board gamer and local legend Lyss Cole. The group is predominantly based in the Albury-Wodonga region of Australia right on the border of Victoria and New South Wales. HuMM BuGG meets regularly at various local venues to play board games and have fun in an openly warm and welcoming environment. Importantly, a fundamental value of the group is to promote a friendly and inclusive culture; welcoming individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds. Overall, HuMM BuGG focuses on bringing people together to enjoy one of the most unifying and brilliant things in life: Games!

Where can I find more information on HuMM BuGG?

You can join in on the fun and read more about HuMM BuGG through the following links:



What other local artists or events do you recommend?

We’re always on the lookout for more local talent and groups to promote with our website. Stay tuned for more!