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I have a question about a specific item or product

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What does the ‘ct’ in some of your listings mean?

This is simply shorthand for ‘count’, meaning how much of the particular product is in the pack. For example, a pack of sleeves with ‘100ct’ in its description will mean there is 100 sleeves included per pack. A storage item with ‘ct’ in its name likely indicates how many of the appropriate item can be stored within it. For example, an Ultra Pro 50ct storage box is designed to hold 50 standard cards.

What does the ‘pt’ in some of your listings mean?

This stands for ‘point’, and is a unit of measurement defining thickness. It is most commonly used in card display casing to help choose a case of the correct thickness for a trading or gaming card. The gauge below is a useful tool to place your card up alongside to estimate the pt thickness:

The most common and general pt thickness is 35pt, and this will safely hold a majority of cards. As a quick rule of thumb, most cards that will safely fit into a 35pt holder are about the same thickness as 1-3 ordinary poker playing cards stacked together.

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Last updated: 25-10-2021